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Where is Poshbin furniture made?

Our furniture is made by us in Los Angeles California which gives the ability to offer complete custom furniture. Poshbin was created in 2015 but we have been manufacturing our own furniture since 1990 we are a family owned business and we are so grateful to still be here offering our custom handcrafted furniture to our amazing customers.


What is your lead time?

Our lead time is 2-3 weeks depending on the stock of the fabric. East coast orders will be roughly 3-4 weeks.


Do you offer Fabric/Leather Swatches?

Yes we do offer free swatches we know it's difficult to order furniture online without seeing the material in person. Please reach out to us to place your swatch order.


What fabrics are performance?

All our fabrics are performance but some fabrics do come with stain resistant features. Key,Klein,Bella,Dynamite,Supreme,Penelope,Velvet all are stain resistant.


What type of leather do you use?

We use only high quality top-grain leather that comes from Italy. Hides do vary in color and texture, each piece will have its own unique characteristics. Natural markings such as wrinkles and scars are normal. 


Which Fabrics would you recommend for pets?

We would recommend any fabric that does not have a weave for example our Velvet,Bella,Dynamite fabrics these fabrics are prone to snagging on cat claws.


What do cleaning codes mean?

Each fabric has its own cleaning code. 

W - "Water-based cleaner." Only use a water-based cleaner to clean the upholstery. A water-based cleaner is a type of solution that uses water as the main component.

S/W - "Solvents and water-based cleaners." It is safe to use both solvents and water-based cleaners.


Do you have more fabrics that are not on the website?

Yes we have access to thousands of fabrics if you do see a color or texture you like on our website please reach out to us and we will provide you with more options. We have fabrics that are 100% Linen, 100% Cotton, Outdoor Fabric, Pattern Prints,Corduroy.


Can I provide my own fabric?

Yes absolutely please reach out to us so we can advise you how much yardage you will need and where to ship the fabric to.


Are Cushions/Back pillows Covers removable?

Yes most covers are removable cushions/back pillows that have buttons or tufting are not removable.


Do you offer custom sizing or complete new designs that are not on your website?

Yes we can make custom sizes (Depth,Height,Width). We can make any style into a sectional/chair/ottoman. Don't see a style you like on our website we can replicate any style you like all we need is a photo of the style and the dimensions to give you a quote.


Do you make Ottomans/Benches?

Yes we make matching ottomans and benches please contact us for pricing since they are not yet available on our website.


Can I choose different color piping?

Yes you can choose different color piping please reach out to us to make that change.


What Density foam do you use?

Our standard Density foam is 1.8lb but we do offer HR 2.5lb density as well. If you would like to upgrade to 2.5 please contact us.


What is the difference between Medium/Hard Foam?

Medium Foam- Is our standard which most customers are happy with provides a longer life time and great comfort.

Hard Foam- Is recommended for High traffic Commercial areas like Hotels that do not need much comfort more lifetime.


What is Trillium?

Trillium is a premium polyester fill which mimics the characteristics of natural down, but is entirely hypoallergenic and will never result in escaping feathers. It offers the ultra-dense, soft, and luxurious feel that we love. The cushions are trillium wrapped with a foam insert. 

What wood do you use?

All our furniture is made with Kiln dried wood Pine and Alder.


Do you offer Trade Discounts?

Yes we do offer discounts to Designers, Retail Stores, Hospitality industry.


How will my furniture be shipped?

Your furniture will be shipped with a Major Carrier ex. Ups, Fedex, Roadrunner. Carrier will call to set an appointment for curbside delivery which means it will arrive on a pallet in a box and they will leave the pallet on the driveway or curb. Unfortunately we currently do not offer white glove services at the moment which carrier unpacks the furniture and puts it inside the house. 


I have an issue with the furniture?

We are sorry to hear you had an issue with our product. If there is an issue with the furniture please reach out to us to have the issue resolved.


Can I cancel my order?

If production has started on your order you cannot cancel your order unfortunately. We start production 3-5 days after your order has been placed.